Thursday, July 31, 2008

Questions unanswered.


You may, or may not, be glad to to know that I had a wonderful time last night. [As I typed that last sentence my knee nudged the laptop and almost sent it crashing down from the roof of my office. Would not be fun!]

I dragged him to the legit bar that I visit occasionally, using his presence as an excuse to get myself some beer. I didn't really know how the conversation would turn out - its always a big gamble to meet up with someone you know nothing about, but its a risk I'm willing to take.

I think it was simply refreshing to talk to someone who didn't have his head in the clouds. No talk about idealism and principles, big goals in life and meaningful careers. No need to apologise for what you do. No guilt trips on ethics. No over-analysis of what went wrong, or what should have been done. Life gets in the way of your plans, just deal with it.

The other company I keep here do "deal with it", but not before a complete and arduous analysis of life itself. They are rather fond of digging deep -- which is something I do too, but I'm not particularly fond of doing it every day.

I hoped he would be the trigger I had been searching for. The thing that would kick my passion back into high gear. Maybe some long speech about making the best use of my time here. Who else better to motivate me than a WPP winner?

But there was none of that, and on hindsight, I'm thankful. I think our casual, politically incorrect conversation made me feel more like a photographer than all the other heavy discussions I've had.

And in a very random digression - I wish they had asked where the bacteria was coming from.


Treasure trove of old clips from the 1950s and 1960s of Singapore and other places like Amsterdam, Japan and France. Fucking amazing: