Sunday, July 13, 2008

What I Read This Morning

-- Found out the meaning of the word karoshi and that its been around since 1987. Highly unlikely Jess will die of karoshi.

-- China's decision to ban dog meat covered in a rather simplistic write-up. The readers seem more aware of the other side of the picture (judging by their comments) which I think should've been part of the article.

-- Two of the five vodcasts on display on ST's website are about the iPhone? WTF?

-- 45 years of begging can amount to 91kg worth of coins in savings. How much money is that exactly? S$484.

-- Kudos to the BBC for its coverage on the Biharis. Alright. The IHT has done it, the BBC has done it. Countless of locals here have done it. I did it myself, three years ago. What else is there to do about this now?