Wednesday, August 06, 2008

After battling online via email with very rude people, I am too pissed off to say anything proper and pleasant.

Photos from yesterday. Nothing satisfactory - always just missing it by a bit, but I guess I do need a lot, a lot of warming up.


Rickshaw Wallah

I was so sure I would remember his name that I didn't bother writing it down. Turns out I was wrong. It was a nice, chance encounter when I turned round the corner towards the main road and saw him sitting by the side of the road at the makeshift rickshaw repair stall.

I got onto his rickshaw two weeks back, and it was only after we had moved off that I noticed his leg. I was flustered (and late) that morning - I didn't even notice his crutch hanging off the handle bars till later.

This makes it the third physically disabled rickshaw wallah that I've met. The first lost a leg in an electrical accident, the other lost an arm (couldn't decipher his explanation even after I asked) and this one has polio. I really feel bad that I can't remember his name. It sounds like "Shankar" but I know that's not right.

After all the talk about ethics in class, I felt rather apprehensive about taking his photo. Exploitation and what not. I talked to him for a bit. He comes from Bhogra, saying that there was no work there. And I joked back that, why, aren't there rickshaws there too? And we laughed.

It might come across as being rather inappropriate (certainly seems that way when put in writing), but I stand by my lousy joke.


He painted on the mobile numbers of his family members back home onto his crutch. I thought it was awesome. He laughed at me for being so taken with it.

Tailor shop

Rickshaw Wallahs

Machiam like gangsters, yeah? Didn't manage get the shot I was going for - this is the best of the lot.