Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The family living in the house across the road from my apartment has three dogs that they named whiskey, brandy and vodka. I have something that goes by the same names in my house as well.

The dogs are lovable lap dogs - white and furry and I'm too goddamn tired to google for the exact breed (which is what I would usually do). They're not exactly my favourite kind (lap dogs are not real dogs, did you not know?) but if you're going to run happy laps around my feet - I'll indulge you. Oh fuck it, I love you too!

I know that I like it when people like animals, but now I'm wondering if I may prefer those who dislike all animals, as compared to those who profess a love for tiny lap dogs. Toy dogs and lap dogs are irritating. I'm sorry, but they are. I find it hard to be fond of a chihuahua.

I think this may indeed be the case. GQ - I much prefer you running away from animals than running towards pomeranians.

A very attractive man I met recently told me he liked poodles. It was a rather sad day.