Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Working from the house never really feels like work, so I still end up feeling un-worked and guilty for slacking even though I'm really sitting here crunching numbers on excel spreadsheets. I guess the guilt comes from the fact that, unlike being in an office, my music's being played at a rather loud level and I have a can of beer to help the numbers go down easier.

I prefer doing work in my house because it's just so that much more enjoyable. Is that so bad?

And the beer is making me say this - you do not schedule a fucking meeting at the very very last minute and then make me feel bad about not going. Made worse by the fact that you can't reschedule it because you're not going to be in town. This lies very much under the "not my problem" part of my brain. Just fucking send me an email about the scintillating meeting. If I'm there, all I'm going to do is nod and agree anyway.

Oh fuck it. When the beer wears off I know I'm going anyway.