Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Also known as the period of time in which I can finally see the rationale for wanting to buy your own house.

So I received a call from the nameless, faceless landlord that I hadn't met, who rather unceremoniously announced that I had to move out by the next month and a half or so. There were a lot of words exchanged, and a lot of other words that I wanted to exchange (such as you are a cunt), and in the end I remembered what Yumei had said about her own situation, I too decided I would rather move than fight to stay and live with the daily uneasiness of knowing I may be kicked out at any moment.

So in the midst of the madness of Chobi Mela and a 150++ page book I've not yet completed designing and final exam grades I've yet to submit, I have to FIND AN APARTMENT in this city where the landlords don't like it if you get too many visitors to your place, or if boys visit girls in that house, or if you aren't married, or if they don't like the look of your face.

In other words, fuck.


Tym said...

Oh no! Hope you're able to land something decent soon, and that we'll have better landlord karma in 2009!