Friday, January 16, 2009

It will be one of life's never-ending mysteries why a wife-beater of a man constantly insists on posting God-related, pensive, thoughtful, reflective posts on FB. I think I much prefer him as a straight-up bastard.

I think I may have gone off the radar for a bit, if only because 2009 is turning out to be even more insane than the last -- it could be the same but without a suitable point of reference, I am lost. It's been non-stop madness, and I could be a total bore and recount the things that I've to do, or I could just say that I am secretly starting to relish this non-stop madness because, truth be told, its much better than mooching around in malaise thinking about unsolvable things or spending hours on end watching DVDs.

Plus with a curator/workaholic/fabulous human being living in the house -- its not that bad. House-hunting now is really not fun, and I think I've had just about enough of being in charge of these silly logistical matters (where am I going to get a truck??), and I'm starting to suspect that its actually a curse to be good at these things.