Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unethical Photographers

BDR Mutiny - Aftermath [FAKE PHOTO]

Sure would be nice if this photo wasn't entirely 100% faked and posed.

I have witnessed some pretty jaw-dropping behaviour from the local photographers here.

The unethical practices of photographers here is nothing new. And by unethical, I don't include things that fall into the so-called "grey areas" such as asking people to look away or removing a water bottle from a press conference table. I'm referring to practices that no one would ever be able to justify.

Today, one of them actually tore up a portrait photo of a Major that had been killed, found inside the office, and proceeded to take photos of the pieces. Another (could be the same guy but I'm not sure) rearranged the position of the torn pieces of the photo before taking photos of it again.

And then, he took the torn pieces and tried to put it into his pocket.

This was the point where I yelled, "What the hell??" and he quickly put them back, apologising.

He shouldn't have apologised. Doing so meant that he knew it was wrong -- and for some reason, I'd much prefer plain stupidity and ignorance.

My friends and I have spoken about this before. It's so widespread that its something that we've come to expect, sadly enough. No one ever wants to say anything in public, though. It's dangerous to cast the first stone -- I think most of us have been guilty of unethical behaviour at some point in time, and the guilt makes us all want to shut up.

I have to make clear, though, that not all the local photographers here are like this. There are many local photographers here that I respect for their diligence and professionalism. Sad to say, I have a feeling they're the exceptions to the rule.