Thursday, March 05, 2009

Time's A-Wasting

Found these on moderncat :


This wins the prize for best possible gift for any moderncat owner — the Control A Cat remote. With push button commands for “show affection,” “retract claws,” and “remain aloof,” plus purr volume and eject fur ball keys, this is pure genius. I especially love the instructions for use:

  1. Point remote at subject.
  2. Push any button on remote.
  3. Hope for the best.

And the best part, “No batteries required: powered by positive thinking.” Exactly.

Another one on the Sure-Would-Like-To-Have-This list:

Curved Pet Board by Akemi Tanaka

And finally:

A camera for your cat. It automatically takes photos ever XXX minutes or so. Not recommended for felines that don't indulge in much movement.

Wordle is turning out to be quite interesting too.