Monday, April 06, 2009

How come lah?

It can be frustrating when the news raises more questions than answers.

Remittance jumps to single month high

Dhaka, Apr 5 (—Despite the global recession, Bangladesh received $881.3 million in remittances in March this year, the highest ever for a single month, the central bank governor said Sunday.

The March figure broke the record of $859 million earned in January, according to Bangladesh Bank numbers. February saw $784.5 million...

... The World Bank, IMF, ADB and local economists have all predicted a dip in remittances, one of the economy's main indices, in the face of the global crisis ...

Sadly, the article did not explain the reasons behind this peculiar occurrence. Just, hooray! Money! After months of front page stories about pissed off, repatriated workers, cancelled work permits etc... this was quite unexpected.

Decision on 'saving daylight' soon

Dhaka, April 5 ( – The power ministry may make a final decision next week on whether to introduce Daylight Saving Time, by turning clocks forward an hour, to conserve power countrywide.

"We want to introduce daylight saving because it is much easier to conserve 1MW power in this way than it is to produce an extra 1MW of electricity," state minister for power Shamsul Haq Tuku told reporters Sunday.

The ministry has been planning to set clocks forward for an 'extra hour' of daylight to manage the acute power crisis across the country.

The major shopping centers and offices in Bangladesh have to shut down at 8pm. Thankfully, the smaller vendors remain open for business. Otherwise, god forbid if you run out of bottled water to drink at 10pm.

Watch as an entire nation resets their biological clocks. It will be fun.

And the response of almost everyone I know to the article below has been -- "Oh dear god, NO."

Tk 10,000 cr subway project may start this year

Dhaka, Apr 5 (—Construction of the proposed Tk 10,000 crore Dhaka subway project, with 60 percent financing from Japan, may begin this year, said an official on Sunday.

The 52-km underground subway across the capital city, estimated to cost between Tk 10,000-12,000 crore, will have six lines and 50 stations, aimed at solving the city's traffic gridlock, according to the project proposal ...

... Around 80 percent population of the city will have at least one station within one kilometre.

The subway is expected to serve some 10-40 lakh (1 million to 4 million) commuters daily.

The Sena Kalyan Sanstha (army welfare organisation) will provide technical assistance in implementing the project, which will be constructed by a "cut and cover method", meaning without disturbing surface traffic on any major route.

In response to my highlighted sentence -- wanna bet?