Monday, April 13, 2009

Karwan Bazaar (again)

The constancy, predictability and reliable presence of Karwan Bazaar is a godsend to all photographers who ever wanted a chance to "go back and do it right".

Not to mean that I did, but at least I'll have a chance to do so at some point. Again and again.

Whereas in Singapore there's always a fear that a place will be torn down or "upgraded", this place gives you the sense that it's always, and will always, be the same.

Karwan Bazaar

Karwan Bazaar

Buffaloes up for the slaughter. Done early in the morning in a section of the market that opens only during the day, the meat is frequently sold as beef, which fetches higher prices. Apparently I've been eating a lot of buffalo meat without realising it.

Karwan Bazaar