Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Jesus.

This is a joke, right?

Dr Thio [Dr Thio Su Mien] said she went on to discover that in Aware's comprehensive sexuality education programme, which is taken to schools, homosexuality is regarded as a neutral word, not a negative word.

'I started thinking, 'Hey, parents, you better know what's happening,'' she said.

'I talked to parents. I said: You better do something about this, otherwise your daughter will come back and say, 'Mum, I want to marry my girlfriend.'

'Or your son will say: 'Dad, I want to marry my boyfriend.''

I mean, seriously?

'And this is something which should concern parents in Singapore. Are we going to have an entire generation of lesbians?'

What? Huh? Do not compute. Are you really saying this? Huh? What? My brain is going to explode.

And what does this even mean?

I find to my dismay that Aware seems to be only very interested in lesbianism and the advancement of homosexuality, which is a man's issue,' she said.

I'm guess its good that I'm all alone in my house and no one can hear me screaming.


ghimlay said...

haha we are all in disbelief back here too. i read the story and was going wtf all the way

Terz said...

For someone who's got issues with lesbianism, Dr Thio certainly brings it up a lot...