Sunday, April 05, 2009


Wet Roads

For the scene in Pulp Fiction where Vincent Vega races his convertible down a deserted LA street, trying to get an OD-ed Mia Wallace some help, Quentin Tarantino made sure the entire road was wet so that the light would do wondrous things on the gleaming tarmac.

(Or is it asphalt? Not too sure.)

Night in Kamalapur Train Station.

Sleep Series

One early morning at the same train station, a young boy kept following us around. He never spoke a word, but trailed behind us for at least an hour. I finally starting chatting to him, which led him to bring us to his "care center" -- a home for street children a stone's throw away from the train station.

He was up early. Most of the other boys were still fast asleep.

Sleep Series

Bangabazar -- the land of the rejects, quite literally. Clothes which were supposed to line the shelves of stores in Europe and America end up here if they fail quality checks. Some of the more familiar brands were Mango and Zara, but those were quite rare to find.


The second floor of the building are where the tailors work. Want to buy a pair of jeans but need it shortened? Take a seat, I'll be back in 10 minutes. They head upstairs, the tailors do their magic, and voila -- 300tks please.



How they manage to thread a needle in the dim light of a single fluorescent tube, I'll never know. (Just so you know, all the tailors were men.)