Monday, April 20, 2009

Water Festival = Water in Unwanted Places

Yet another lesson well learnt, alongside classic favourites such as How to Win in a Stare Contest and Thou Shalt Look All Ways Before You Cross This Street. The latter is interesting if only because I remember a particular court case about a car accident in Singapore where the prosecution said the victim was not obliged to look both ways before she crossed the road because it was a ONE WAY STREET and who the hell drives in reverse at such high speeds? Well, my friend, welcome the land where the roads go wherever you want it to.

So the camera is, erm, dehumidifying in the dehumidifier room. I'm not sure how long it takes to suck out all the water, and I've been warned (in low, anxious tones) NOT to try to switch it on until a hundred years have passed unless I want everyone to think I'm an IDIOT.

I think, dude, I went to a water festival with no plastic protection, I think I got that covered.

Anyway, in my defence, the water attack that ruined my mood and camera was SNEAKY and UNFAIR. We had arrived at the small field where the festivities were taking place, only to find the programme had been held on hold because it had begun to rain. So there wasn't any water-throwing taking place, just a bunch of people who had already soaked each other but were still trying to seek shelter from the rain (I know).

While debating which leaky roof to hide under, a dude crept up from behind and silently emptied a bucket of water down my back. And because the world is just, the same dude slipped and fell in the mud (earning jeers from peers) a little while later. I only wish he'd landed face first.

Weather hit 41˚C yesterday. How anyone gets any work done in this weather is beyond me.