Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well, at least they tried


Anti-beggar bills passed

Dhaka, Mar 31 (—Parliament on Tuesday passed the Sylhet Metropolitan Police Bill 2009 and Barisal Metropolitan Police Bill 2009, setting jail terms of up to three months for begging.

The new laws fix no fines for beggars, but state if anyone is caught begging in public places or shows disabilities to get alms, they will face time behind bars.

The laws also says anyone guilty of 'eve teasing' will face imprisonment for three months, a fine of Tk 500 or both.

If anyone uses public places as a lavatory, they face a Tk 500 fine.

It sets a Tk 300 fine for anyone caught spitting or smoking in violation of public notices.

Similar punishment is applicable if anyone bathes or washes in public ponds, tanks or by their banks.

For those who live here, I don't have to point out the insanity of what they're trying to do.

Anyway, what the hell is "eve teasing"?

Update: "Eve teasing" refers to verbal sexual harassment. Interesting.