Friday, May 01, 2009

Haven't had a fever in a long while, and was rather intrigued to wake up yesterday morning feeling as though someone had taken a blunt tool and beaten all my joints to a pulp. Spent the night utterly confused as my body said it was COLD but after 5 minutes under the blanket the same body said TOO FUCKING HOT!

Every time the season and temperatures change, people here fall ill from a "seasonal flu". I think its the most noticeable from winter to spring, or from spring to summer (also known as the season when Jess-spends-too-much-time-submerged-in-ice-water). I had been feeling fine, even though all my colleagues have been calling in sick.

This is NOT GOOD. If I land at Changi before the fever subsides, there's a good chance I'll get quarantined. I doubt the good folks in surgical masks would accept my "seasonal flu" explanation.

But well, its true. No one is immune to a change in the weather. I went to see the doctor today, and even before I opened my mouth to say anything, he asked rhetorically, "Fever?"


notle said...

i oso kanna flu le, but nvr fever

Numba One said...

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