Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Malaysia Boleh (I hope)

For the second time in a row, arrived back in Dhaka without my luggage.

I can only hope that the good AirAsia folks handling baggage at the KL airport is just as good as their colleague that literally ran with me through the airport, guiding me and clearing the way (fastest exit through customs ever) so that I was actually the first one to board the plane to Dhaka.

Amazing, if you consider that I landed only 40 minutes before it was due to take off. Thanks to him, I actually had the boarding pass for the next flight in my hands even before I cleared through customs (I had to check out and check in as the 2 flights were separate). That's why, really, Malaysia really boleh!

Plus that lovely air stewardess who helped me by putting me at the front of the plane, getting off with me and handing me over to the ground staff -- all the while urgently explaining my situation to him in Malay.

So my luggage, including a brand new electric guitar (and way too much pork for one person to consume), was supposed to have arrived on today's flight instead, but I found out (after 2 hours of constant calling) that it would only get here tomorrow.

Like I told the guy on the phone, I don't care if its late, just make sure it gets here.

And I thought it was rather poignant, albeit in an unpleasant way, that a housefly suddenly landed next to my face on the window at the exact moment when the wheels of the plane made contact with the ground in Dhaka.



Nick said...

wah electric guitar!!! serious?? rocker chick lah you