Sunday, June 07, 2009

My guilty pleasure of the week was a five-hour long marathon viewing of Pride and Prejudice -- the BBC series with Colin Firth, not the Hollywood remake.

Do you know what five hours of a Jane Austen movie will do to you? Especially if you have it on DVD -- which mean no one can stop you from rewinding/rewatching/replaying the infamous Mr Darcy pond scene again and again until you finally give in to just how tragic you are and force yourself to switch the damn thing off.



A few more random pictures from Bandarban. There was a village fair, involving live music and a lot of dancing.


I've been trying to find out the correct name for this contest, but Google is being very unhelpful. Young groups of men compete to scale up a bamboo pole, which has been smeared with some kind of greasy goo. It was very, erm, masculine.


Baby goats! Oh hello!

I've retold this story a thousand times -- about how I didn't know that goats were affectionate by nature. I always thought them to be rather aloof, you know, like how chickens are. But I found out I was wrong when the goat tied up in the carpark downstairs nestled up to me and rested its head in the crook of my arm.

It would've been the start of a beautiful friendship, if not for the fact that it was Bloody Eid the next day and I think Kirsty mentioned something about not making friends with other people's lunch.