Sunday, August 16, 2009


Used to get irritated at Starbucks when I would order a small and be told "Sorry we don't have small, do you mean tall?" Which would then require me to clarify if, by 'tall', you mean the smallest size you have? Oh it does? I'll have a small then.

Should just make an effort to memorise pretentious Italian and save us all some grief.

Looked out for Ponyo, but doubt I'll find it here anytime soon. Its likely we'll get the Hollywood version, but I don't know if that will offer the original Japanese audio track.

I remember someone buying me the Totoro DVD as a gift (evoking great happiness) but then I played it and it turned out to be the dubbed Hollywood version (evoking great sadness). There is just something very wrong in watching a Miyazaki film in English.


Tym said...

Word on everything.

I just bought Ponyo on DVD. You can borrow it from me the next time you're home (although it's lovely on the big screen).