Thursday, August 06, 2009

Right back at ya

Continuing from previous post and many thanks to Tym, who sent me this lovely report:

"This study shows that in egalitarian countries there is less social stigma attached to men doing what was traditionally women's work," she said in a statement.

"This leads to men in egalitarian societies taking on more of a domestic role so the likelihood of forming a harmonious household becomes greater, resulting in a higher proportion of couples setting up households in these countries."


But while women seemed to prefer a man who would put out the bins and do the washing up, men were not so keen on women seeking a partner who wanted to split the chores, preferring a woman they could rely on to do all the housework and childcare.

"While egalitarian men seem to be viewed as a better bet by women, egalitarian women are seen as a less safe bet by men," she said.

So I look forward to our PM's speech at the next gathering of male leaders, during which he will tell these successful men about how they their success shouldn't come at the "unintended" price of an ageing population.