Saturday, December 12, 2009

It finally happened.

After years of living my life as if I was invincible - indulging in the worst practices, ignoring health, forsaking safety, scoffing at precautions, I used to tell people that it was bound to happen eventually.

Not once in my twenty-seven months in Bangladesh did I ever come close to a close-call. Sure I had that sprained ankle two months into my stay, but it healed up pretty quick within a month (no heels for a year, but that isn't exactly a loss), and the occasional flu and fever, but nothing that could compare with the various maladies and accidents I had seen in my stay here.

Two nights ago (in the wee morning hours on the 11th, to be exact) I was in a road accident which left me unconscious, only to wake up in an ambulance wondering to myself if I was dreaming.

That I had made it out alive is pretty much a miracle. That no car/bus/truck had come along and ran over my body while I lay on the road, that none of my belongings were stolen/lost, that my head is still in one piece, that I have not been blinded or maimed, that I still have all my limbs -- I'm pretty fucking lucky.

I have absolutely no recollection of what happened. Not even the faintest memory of a crash, or an impending crash, or being lifted and carried into the ambulance.

The police and RAB happened to be at that corner in Bijoy Sarani, but it was a passing ambulance that stopped to help bring us Sorawadi Hospital nearby in Shaymoli. We were then sent off to the Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, where they did an X-ray of my chest and gave me a jab of painkillers, and was sent home in a CNG. I was likely still in shock throughout the entire process, and felt calm and peaceful.

The damage today is as such: severe abrasions to the face, hands, left hip and left knee. Three broken teeth, one missing tooth (it was such a clean extraction that it seemed that someone had pulled it out for me with a plier).

The skin will heal, as the abrasions are 'clean' and not messy. Whatever scarring is left will likely subside over time if I can reel in the urge to pick at the scabs.

Once the facial swelling goes down, I will have to tackle the biggest problem of fixing my teeth. Crowns? Dentures? What? I have no idea. I will do the preliminary checks and X-rays here, and head back to Singapore to get the permanent work done.

I am trying not to think about work -- but needless to say, everything is going to shit on that end because of this. I will manage it the best I can, but I'm not so sure people want to buy photos from a person with a face like this.


ps said...

Funk!! Thank god you're (relatively) okay! Please take care of yourself and I hope you heal quickly and completely.. *hug*

jesajae said...

Oh goodness. Jess I'm so sorry to hear it, take good care of yourself please.

Yu-Jin said...

You are one lucky girl Jess. Take care and let's meet up when you next come back to Singapore ok? - Jin

QuakT said...


Your guardian angel must have been by your side when it happened.. thank god you're ok and let us know when you're back... you still owe me a BEER!! Proper TIGER BEER not bangla beer :)


Nanashee said...

Hey, for the dental work, I had my crown done by Dr. Chan at New Age Cosmetic Dentists at Lucky Plaza. He does implants too (for the missing tooth). His charges are all laid out in his website:

My crowning cost $1,000; $200 for the root canal, $800 for the crown. I believe insurance should help cover some costs for this. Good luck.

Funny Hat's Madison said...

Fuck balls.

I LOVE YOU said...
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yasmine said...

shit. thats horrible. hope you are ok

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