Tuesday, June 01, 2010


This was so painful to read. So, so very painful.

Beauties dating 'beasts'

IN THE Disney cartoon Beauty and The Beast, Beauty falls in love with the Beast for his beautiful heart despite his hideous looks.

And many 'Average Joes' are finding that fairy tale coming true for them as they live happily ever after with women who are considerably better looking than them.

Founder of dating agency Table for Six, Andrew Chow, who recently match-made such a couple said that it is 'really true love'.

'They look like an odd couple. The man is 1.65 meters and the lady is above 1.7 meters. The lady is very well-groomed and the man is losing his hair. But the personality and character of the gentleman is so much of a giant. He walks like a man who is 1.85 meters,' claimed Andrew.

However, the reverse doesn't seem to be true. Fewer good looking men are taking 'Plain Janes' as girlfriends.

I don't know where to start. I only regret that I read this online, because if it were in print I'd at least have the satisfaction of ripping this page to shreds and watching each strip of paper burn to its death.


Lin the Finn said...
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Lin the Finn said...

Hey isn't this true? i know I keep seeing hetero couples where the female is several weight-classes hotter than the man... and only one or two where the reverse is true. I usually think 'that won't last', but maybe a better response would be 'well done, there's a woman who's not superficial'.
We discussed this phenomenon once with my sister and some other folks.
We needed to use visuals to discuss it: two hands on the table, fingers facing, one hand representing the women, the other the men. You have to try this to play. Hands on table now.
We assume that the thumbs represent the ugliest quintile and the little fingers the hottest. The little fingers pair off together and live miserably ever after, at least the woman after she loses her looks. But meanwhile, all the men are lusting after the hottest women and the women are just looking for a nice guy.
The thumb woman has no hope in hell and gets her to a nunnery.
The thumb man may manage to pull the forefinger woman due to abovementioned phenomenon of less-than-choosy ladies. The question becomes, how does the forefinger-man (pretty ugly) manage to woo the ringfinger-lady (pretty pretty)? And what about the middle finger and ringfinger ladies, how will they get laid since the middle finger man is lusting after the little finger girl? My sister's response was immediate: "it works cause this guy is playing her, and her, and her".
Which, incidentally, plays right into the argument of the Malawians who insist that polygamy is the natural order of things.

Jasmine said...

oh good god. i dont know who's the most tragic party here: the reader, the writer, the dating agency guy, or the dude who "walks like a man who is 1.85 meters".