Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sights En Route to Sylhet and Back

  • Nothing like a rat's disembowelment to kick off your day!
  • The "Magic Tree" car freshener in the shape of a pine tree.
  • A little van full of packed full of bananas. A windowful of bananas.
  • The Sea Fish Centre. (No, it is not a food court.)
  • A room named Compassion.
  • Two ring floats, a plastic ball, and too much clingy t-shirt action.
  • Chains around and around an elephant's belly.
  • The bobbing heads of swimming cows. (Cows are beyond awesome, now that I've seen how they can swim.)
  • The midnight cry (or moans) of a mating frog.
  • The heroic/misguided attempts of a shama to ward eagles away from its nest.