Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Conversation: Mr. Renovation Man

Alan asked if I wanted to do part-time work in his gallery on Sundays. It has to stay open, and Sunday is generally a precious day for those who work during the week - would I be interested? I would like to point out that I DO work during the week as well, but my Sundays are not exactly overflowing in weekend ambitions.

So one of the jolly renovation guys doing work at the cafe downstairs came up to make sure they haven't drilled a hole through our floor and to spy on what I was doing. Earlier, one of them sang me a little ditty about how "A smoke a day makes you stronger, and alcohol drives away all your problems." The rhyme is more obvious in Mandarin.

He asked a bit about what I was doing, and I decided to pick his brain about what kind of photographs he would like to see. I've some ideas you see, and the success of these ideas will depend on how accurately I am able to read the mind of an average Singaporean.

Conversation Excerpts (Translated from Mandarin)

"So, if I told you there was a photo exhibition thing near where you live, would you go see it?"

"Yeah sure, I'll pop by for a look."

"What would you want it to be about? If you had a choice?"

"I don't know... something interesting? Like other countries?"

"So if it's photos from around your area, you wouldn't be interested?"

"Why do I want to see where I live? It would be boring! I see it everyday!"

"But photography can let you see the same things but in a different way?"

"Yes I get that. But it would still be boring. Why not show me something I haven't seen before from other countries?"

"So you'd like to see photos from abroad?"

"Yes, if it is nice to look at. It is something new for me to see."

"What if it is photos of your neighbour?"

"I see him everyday!"

"What if the photo were to be really huge? Like a few stories high?"

"Why would you do that? He'll look weird."

"So what would you want to see if it in a photo that's really big?"

"Something moving and interesting. Like landscape and scenery. That would be beautiful."

"So you wouldn't go see your neighbour's face even if its 3-storey large?"

"Yeah I'd go see quickly. But just a quick look, that's all."

"What if its Lee Kwan Yew's face?"

"There's no way in hell I'd want to see that."

Food for thought, folks.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Why, hello there.


I may have forgotten how to blog.

So yes, from the above photo, you can see that not much has changed. Crazy cat lady status still awaits me in the near future. There are lots of other photos hiding in my harddrive that I've not even looked at, but for that, I'll first need to find a bit of motivation.

Take this set, for example. I was just tickled at coming across random man-made things in the middle of nowhere. I was hoping to formulate some kind of slightly ironic, slightly witty montages, but when I started working on it, my brain blocked itself. I don't think this is the way the photos should be presented, but hell, sometimes, there is just no rescuing a shitty photo even if you slap them together and call it a triptych. I couldn't even think of a title! I keep thinking 'Lost and Found', but at doesn't make any sense at all.

Cambodia_Found B_LR.jpg


This was a day trip to the Angkor temples. I paid for a three-day ticket, but I only went for a day because shit hit the fan and I couldn't find the time to go. I did not visit Angkor Wat because it was being invaded by busloads of tourists, and I just felt I would rather have no experience of Angkor Wat than a tourist-laden experience of it. On hindsight, I was being really silly.

So I now officially work - as in, have rejoined society as a productive member who expects my bank account numbers to fluctuate (upwards) after a month. I realised a few days ago that I had been unemployed for six months. It is cool that I had enough money to stay unemployed for six months. As for how much I've actually managed to really rejoin society - well, let's talk about that another time, shall we?