Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Heartstrings in a Tube

Had the good luck of someone else's bad luck and got to watch Singapore Dreaming before it hits theatres tomorrow.

I much prefer the Mandarin title, for some reason.

I'm not much of a movie reviewer, and I don't want to spoil the movie for the rest of ya... so well, just go watch it. I think you all will, anyway.

Lim Yu Beng's yummy.

And 'Fuck' was uttered once in the movie. Slightly surprising considering the large number of kiddos in the cinema. Ah.. they've to learn sometime.

If I ever have kids, I'm fairly certain I'll be the one to (accidentally) expose them to That Word first. Either me, or the TV.

Just one day after my ranting on crazy women in love with Korean Hunks, I came home to see Mom settling down in front of the TV at an unprecedented time of 1 am with a set of VCDs her colleague had lent her.

"Very exciting lah. Quite addictive."

The curse of Kwong Sang Woo has hit the house.

"So, do you even know what's his name in the show?"
"Er.... Something-Ying lah. Dunnowhat-Ying."
"And there's a blind girl. Why is there always a blind girl? I bet they'll meet and fall in love."
"Oh they've lovers already. Kenna separated."

The show comes on, and already the pretty boy is getting bashed up by a bunch of evil men. His clothes may be muddied, and traces of blood outlines his mouth - but his skin is still soft and ohsosmooth.

"Oh no.. Don't tell me the stepmother ran away with the money..."
"Oh the father got arrested ah?"
"Ya lah, the mother died already."

Soap Operas are in a class of their own. 30 minutes of heart-warming tragedy, right in the comfort of your own home.