Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the Tanks Came Marching In

BDR Mutiny Day 2

I know, dude.

The mutiny continued into its second day. The general amnesty had been issued. A show of handing in their arms had been made on TV. But still, the army hadn't left, and the BDR was not going to give anything up till they were sure they weren't going to be blown to bits.

So, the army brought in tanks.

(If your response was "Huh?", you are disqualified from living here because you have too much logic.)

BDR Mutiny Day 2

Rumours were going around. 120 dead inside the compound. Army is getting ready to storm the place. Evacuate the entire Dhanmondi area. Curfew. Shootings across the country. Borders become porous.

BDR Mutiny Day 2

Rumours were not fun for those with family still inside. Most of them had lost contact and had not been briefed by the police or army about what was going to happen.

BDR Mutiny Day 2BDR Mutiny Day 2
BDR Mutiny Day 2

I took as many names down as possible. I guess I was being delusional and thought someone would publish the photos and I wanted to do it professionally. Silly dreams, Jess.

The shooting started again when we had wandered off after waiting around for too long. We ran back as people ran as quick as they could, passing us and yelling at us not to go in that direction. At one point I thought it was a bad idea to be running in the opposite direction of the police - they were running too.

BDR Mutiny Day 2BDR Mutiny Day 2

The police had been brought in to replace the army, since the BDR got nervous with the army around and wanted them gone. Good call. The police ran faster than anyone when the shots began again, and gathered around a corner looking like they really did not want to be there.

Anyway, it was a lot of drama for nothing. No one got shot or injured, and within half an hour the photographers and crazy public had re-amassed at the entrance of Ambala Inn, as close as you could possibly get to the HQ without having to carry a white flag with you.

BDR Mutiny Day 2

Then the hostages started to come out, and there must've been a million classic wire photos taken by the horde of photographers.

BDR Mutiny Day 2
BDR Mutiny Day 2BDR Mutiny Day 2BDR Mutiny Day 2BDR Mutiny Day 2

BDR Mutiny Day 2

We were drinking Pepsi at a nearby guesthouse, taking a break, when Munir called and all I could hear was him yelling "ARMY!". Then his text message came in "Army is coming. Go to safe place."

We ran out to see people running past us. We ran past them to try and get back towards the HQ. By now, the gun shots were increasing, but just like yesterday, I had no idea who they were shooting at.

Philip said later, "You don't hear the bullet that kills you." Not sure if that's accurate. Will have to check it out.

Munir called again, to tell me to head to the Abahani cricket field because "there are many tanks here".

BDR Mutiny Day 2

BDR Mutiny Day 2

BDR Mutiny Day 2BDR Mutiny Day 2

BDR Mutiny Day 2BDR Mutiny Day 2

People had started to leave.

BDR  Mutiny Day 2

Well. If you have read the news reports, it was a lot of show for nothing. Things wound up after nightfall, and at about midnight, we heard the roar of the tanks as they went past our house, back to the camp.


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I'm just glad you're okay!!!

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viator -- Thanks, and yes I agree, hope the media didn't ruin the investigation...

Tym -- I'm just glad it ended when it did!

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